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Looking forward to a great 2018 season!

The membership of Captain Thomas Terry's Company are Historians and Historic Reenactors who come from many walks of life: some of our members are Teachers, Police Officers, Carpenters, Home Makers, Students, Tradesmen, Laborers, and just to round us out, we have a Doctor, a Lawyer, and a College Professor.

Our common denominator is that we all have a very deep interest in the History of the French and Indian War 1755-1763.

Captain Thomas Terry's Company is the paramount unit of the Suffolk County Provincial Militia, Inc. which is a Not for Profit Educational Organization, Incorporated in the State of New York, establish in Suffolk County New York.

Although most of our membership resides in Suffolk County, we currently have and continue to welcome members from outside of Suffolk County into our Organization. We are a Military type of organization, but consider ourselves a Family.